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I purchased from a third party, is my Alpha jacket authentic?

Please email us images to [email protected] for further review.

Do your products have a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes! Our products come with a 45-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Please click here for the full terms.

Will I be able to fit a liner under my jacket?

The ALS/92 Liner is only designed to fit with the classic M-65 Field Jacket. This liner is not compatible to button into any of our other jackets, though you are welcome to wear it as an added layer. Please note, you must order the same size field ja

What is the difference between the MA-1 (Heritage) and the MA-1 Slim Fit?

The main difference between these two, is that the MA-1 Slim Fit contours to the body and is more form-fitting, similar to a European cut.  The MA-1 (Heritage) is a core fit and is more over-sized than a standard fit jacket would be.

Do you sell or offer spare parts?

We do not have the ability to offer spare or replacement parts for our jackets at this time.

Where are Alpha Industries jackets made?

Our jackets are currently manufactured in various countries. Please contact us at [email protected] with the specific jacket you are interested in for more information.

How do I care for my Leather Jacket?

We recommend that you clean your leather jacket with a damp cloth, or locate a dry cleaner that specializes in leather. Dry cleaners use a variety of chemicals in their processes, and some may be harmful or damaging to leather items. We recommend fin

How do I clean my Alpha Industries jacket?

Because our jackets are made of a variety of fabrics and materials, they all require different care. We suggest looking under RECOMMENDED CARE INSTRUCTIONS on the product page for our recommended cleaning instructions for your specific jacket.

Can I customize my jacket?

We do not provide a customization service at this time. Your local embroidery shop or tailor may be able to assist with specific customizations.

What are the bullet shaped pieces in the sleeves?

The "bullet" shaped pieces are actually pen caps. They were used to prevent ink from ruining a pilot’s jacket if a pen would happen to leak. These caps were found in most flight jackets produced for the military.

Which jackets come with the Alpha Industries red ribbon?

Currently all of our flight jackets and parkas come with the Alpha Industries red ribbon on our signature zippered pencil/utility pocket. They are not found on Kids’  jackets due to safety regulations.

What is the Alpha Industries red ribbon?

In the 1990’s, we started adding a small red ribbon to our jackets with the text “Remove Before Flight”. In aviation, Remove Before Flight ribbons have been used for decades as safety warnings to indicate that a device, such as a protective cover or

Will this jacket keep me warm?

We suggest looking under PRODUCT SPECS on the product page for information on the weather conditions each jacket is recommended for. Each of our jackets is recommended for either Light Weather, Intermediate Weather, or Extreme Cold Weather.

What is the difference between core, regular, and slim fit?

Alpha Industries jackets can be sized in one of three fits. Core Fit is truest to original Military Spec. Sizes are roomy and tend to be larger than standard sizing. Regular Fit is true to size. You will most likely be the same size you normally wear